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    1. Portland Trailblazers

    The Portland Trail Blazers have reached agreement with "Rip City Two," a SportsTwo.com messageboard that will become the team's "official messageboard" this season. The agreement is one year in length and includes an option for a second season. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    The organization's marketing department sought such a partnership after reaching the conclusion that their "IamATrailBlazersFan.com" messageboard, which was moderated in-house, was too burdensome and that a partnership with a preexisting messageboard would better achieve their goals of fostering discussion and reaching fans online.

    Blazers Marketing VP Dewayne Hankins sees the partnership as another prong in his team's new online approach, which also includes a new mobile app and Casey Holdahl's relaunched "Forward Center" blog.

    "A messageboard is only ever as good as the people who put content on it and moderate it," Hankins told Blazersedge. "[Our old messageboard] was always someone's job, besides their real job, they would just help moderate the messageboard when they had time. ... Without curation and moderation and good content, the boards become stale or hostile or somewhere in between. We just don't have the resources to dedicate full-time people to running messageboards. ... The good thing about Rip City Two is that they have a full cast of people who moderate the boards. The framework was already there."

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    Today, I finished negotiating a consulting agreement between SportsTwo and the Portland Trail Blazers where our Trail Blazers forum is going to become the official message board of the Portland Trail Blazers. This is a done deal.

    I want to congratulate you all. I merely represented us, as a group we made this worthwhile.

    What this means:

    1) The skin of the Blazers forum is going to be changed to match the official trailblazers.com WWW site. Similar to http://centerforward.net

    2) We do not have to change our site rules in any way. They are perfectly satisfied with the way we run the site in every respect - that we don't edit profanity or say rude things and so on. They do not have editorial control over the site. However:

    3) It is in our own best interests to edit profanity in thread titles. If we do, we can have a display of recent threads on the trailblazers.com home page (or elsewhere). If the titles have profanity in them, we will effectively be defacing their site.

    4) We do not have to filter what we or any poster says about the Blazers.

    5) The ads on the site will be replaced with ads provided by the NBA. This is in line with any sort of site sponsorship deal we'd make, regardless of it being the Blazers. I think we should expect some very nice ads to be shown.

    6) We will have a prominent link to the forum placed on trailblazers.com, and they will help promote the site through other means (mentions on TV, game programs, scoreboard, radio, etc.).

    7) We will have access to some goodies as part of the Blazers family. If you have a request that is reasonable to pass on to the brass in the Trail Blazers front office, I'll be happy to make it happen.

    If you have any questions, ask in this thread.

    Many thanks to SlyPokerDog and Natebishop3 for helping me get this done.
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    1. Portland Trailblazers

    For the past few months we have all heard the story about Thomas Robinson. Dealt two times before he had even started his second season as a pro, and with many people doubting him, Robinson is facing some serious questions about his ability to contribute in the NBA. On Sunday the former fifth pick in the 2012 draft was given the starting nod in place of injured All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge in the Blazers 109-105 victory over the Sacramento Kings. This was a chance for Robinson to not just show his new team what he can do, but also to show his former team, the team that drafted him, what they’re missing out on. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    “It was good,” Robinson said. “I wasn’t taking anything personal. I was just trying to work on the stuff that coach has been preaching to me all preseason.” Though he might say it wasn’t anything personal, Robinson played like a man on a mission, scoring 14 points off 6-8 shooting and grabbing 8 boards in 24 minutes. The defining moment of the night for Robinson came on a sick putback jam over the back of teammate Robin Lopez. It was the exclamation point to a game that saw a couple sweet passes, only one personal foul, and zero turnovers for the big man from Kansas University.

    Coach Terry Stotts was very pleased with what he saw from his young forward. ”I was glad he came out and played well. In the first half he established himself, and in the second half as well, he was effective. I thought he made a couple good passes, which I was glad to see, and I’m happy that he had a good game against his former team.” The most impressive aspect of Robinson’s game against Sacramento was how in control he played. Zero turnovers and only one foul for the young big man. He had a sweet behind-the-back pass to Damian Lillard on a fast break that led to a wide open three pointer for Lillard. He also zipped a pass to Robin Lopez for an easy dunk, which shows that he is looking for the open man rather than forcing things.

    One of his biggest faults so far has been trying to do too much. Robinson has had a tendency to play outside of his strengths, which had been getting him into trouble. He had three turnovers and four personal fouls against the Jazz on the 11th, and another two turnovers and four fouls against the Clippers on Friday night, so to put up zero turnovers and only one foul against the Kings was impressive, and cause for encouragement. “Coach Vanterpool was telling me, I’m an average player when I think, and above average when I’m just playing basketball,” Robinson admitted. “Wes had a talk with me also, when we were in LA. So these guys, they’re helping me. I feel more comfortable. They pinpoint what I’m doing wrong and I just watch tape and get better… I was thinking and not playing. When I think too much, it’s not a good sight.”

    He definitely looked more comfortable against the Kings than he had in the previous five games of the preseason. He had been rebounding well, but his shot simply wasn't falling. He was a combined 7-21 from the field until last night, so to shoot 6-8 was a definite positive for Robinson. “I was just trying to work on the stuff that coach has been preaching to me all preseason,” he said. “I did those things and everything else came. It helped that I hit my first three shots, so that had a lot to do with it.”

    Having Robinson on the bench waiting to step in when Aldridge needs a break is a huge advantage for the Blazers this season. He is just one part of a vastly improved second unit that must have Coach Stotts grinning from ear to ear. The Blazers bench is so deep this season, moving Robinson to the starting unit didn't even phase them. Joel Freeland took over as the backup four, and finished with a solid game against the Kings with 7 points off 3-6 shooting and 9 boards. The addition of Robinson, Dorrell Wright, Mo Williams, and the improved play of Joel Freeland have given the Blazers a very potent bench, which will help put them in a position to make the playoffs for the first time since Brandon Roy left the team. It will be interesting to see how Robinson progresses as the season wears on.
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    The Portland Trail Blazers, after starting the preseason 0-2 at the Moda Center, got their first win of the preseason with a 96-86 result against the Utah Jazz at CenturyLink Arena in Boise, ID.

    The Trail Blazers were led by exemplary and efficient performances by Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge. Lillard finished the night with 23 points on eight-of-15 shooting, five assists and a rebound in 29 minutes. He also held Jazz rookie Trey Burke to seven points on three-of-ten shooting to easily win the point guard matchup for the Trail Blazers, who were the designated home team.

    As dominant as Lillard was, Aldridge might have been better. The two-time All-Star had his way with Utah’s bigs, scoring 20 points on eight-of-nine shooting while pulling down eight rebounds in just 18 minutes.

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    Dorell Wright and Earl Watson

    The upcoming season's Blazers will certainly have a new look, and I'm not talking about newly acquired center Robin Lopez's hairstyle.

    Of course, trading for Lopez gives the Blazers a legitimate starting center. He can play down low, he can defend and he has five years of experience under his belt. Personally, I like the move for Lopez. In all, he was probably the best quality guy we would get for the price and contract we needed to pay.

    I'm going to say it right now: Robin Lopez will become a Blazers fan favorite. Sure, there will be some who will criticize a play here and there, a game here and there, and his style of play here and there. On the other hand, many will embrace him for his style. I can only wonder if the organization will hold a Fropez Night where replica hair pieces are passed out in a similar fashion to the dreadlocks hairpieces which were handed out in honor of Brian Grant when he played for the Blazers.

    One can only hope.

    It's the bench which is going to give the Blazers a new look. We already know about CJ McCollum and Allen Crabbe, acquired on draft day, who will provide some backup at the guard positions.

    It's the four transactions over the past week about which we fans should be thrilled. Though none of these trades and signings will be official until the free agent moratorium ends on July 10, the team has filled some holes in the second unit.

    Early on Saturday it was reported that the Blazers had reached an agreement with nine-year small forward Dorell Wright. The things which will make Blazers fans excited about obtaining Dorell is that he possesses a career three-point percentage of 36.7 percent and that he led the league in three pointers made in 2010-11. Also that season, Dorell came in third in the voting (behind LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love) for most improved player. he was a first-round pick by the Heat, out of high school, and was a member of their 2005-06 championship team. This is the type of addition the Blazers really needed. They now have a proven player who has a career point average of 9.3 points per game (with a career high of 16.4 wile starting all 82 games of the 2010-11 campaign with the Warriors.

    Later on Saturday, the Blazers agreed to terms with veteran point guard Earl Watson. The 12-year veteran has played for seven teams (including two stints with the Sonics) and has career averages of 6.5 points and 4.5 assists per game. He's 6'1" and was drafted out of UCLA. In Portland he'll be called upon to help mentor Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, and as another option to back up Damian at the point.

    Robin Lopez and Thomas Robinson

    Thomas Robinson was brought over in a trade from the Rockets in exchange for a couple future second-round draft picks. He'll be expected to hold serve on the court and give LaMarcus some much-deserved rest. LaMarcus has been near the top of the league in minutes played per game for the past couple of seasons. Keeping our all-star fresh will primarily fall upon Thomas, the second-year forward from Kansas. By allowing LaMarcus to play just a couple fewer minutes per game, we will be better able to make a run to the playoffs and, hopefully, past the opening round.

    The trade for Robin serves a couple purposes. First, it gives the Blazers an experienced seven footer who can play off of LaMarcus from the center position. Second, he'll be able to provide some direction to second-year center Meyers Leonard and won't demand 36 minutes a game, which will give Meyers a better opportunity to continue developing his game. Third, his ability and mindset will give coach Terry Stotts more options when developing the rotation pattern for any particular game -- something which Stotts seemed to lack last season. If Robin can improve his consistency, this will turn out to be the trade steal on the court that it shows to be on paper.

    In the trade for Lopez, the Blazers also will receive Terrel Harris, a 6'4" third-year guard out of Oklahoma St. Though no announcement has been made, it is anticipated that the Blazers will waive Harris during this off season.

    Last year's Blazers bench was young. Bringing in two solid role players such as Dorell and Earl will change that, as well as solidify the second unit. The addition of Thomas provides a solid backup for the team's best player.

    It's often remarked that players have earned or must earn their paycheck. I'd have to say, at this point, general manager Neil Olshey is definitely earning his paycheck.

    The final piece of the puzzle will likely be a back-up center or power forward -- possibly a veteran or undrafted rookie.

    Then again, with Olshey, we never know what this current roster may look like at the outset of training camp or even opening night. I, for one, don't think Olshey is completely done shaping this roster.

    However, at this point, we can say something now that we couldn't say during last season: We have a bench.

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    Article contributed to Sportstwo from KMM and her blog "In Kassandra's Words"

    She is a regular Blazers poster with us at Sportstwo.
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