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    21-year-old super bantamweight prospect Joseph Diaz (12-0, 8 KOs) stayed unbeaten in defeating an overmatched journeyman Raul Hidalgo (22-12, 16 KOs) by a 7th round TKO last Monday night at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas.

    Diaz knocked Hidalgo down several times before the fight was finally halted in the 7th round. The final knockdown came from a right hand to the body. The second knockdown was from a flurry of head shots after Diaz trapped Hidalgo in the corner and then unloaded on him with a blizzard of shots. The first knockdown was from another hard body shot.

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    In a disappointing performance from Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s brother Ricardo “Dnamita” Alvarez (24-3, 13 KOs), he had to struggle badly to defeat 46-year-old former WBA bantamweight champion John Michael Johnson (31-10, 23 KOs) by an 8 round unanimous decision. The final judges’ scores were 79-73, 78-74 and 77-75. The 77-75 score was the more accurate one of the three, because the fight was very, very close.

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    Pre-Raw Commercial

    The Lunatic Fringe returned last week and stole the case, The Authority will demand it back. Hogan will be there to start of the month of pink with Susan G. Komen, Courage, Conquer & Cure!

    Raw Starts


    Recap of the fighting between Ambrose and Cena against The Authority last Raw – from the start of the show, to Ambrose hiding under the shroud to end the show. On Smackdown, Rollins and Kane attacked Ambrose, but he took them both down and stole Rollins’ case.

    In Ring Segment

    Trip and Steph announced to the ring. Trip out in his power suit, but no pink tie. Steph in a black dress with a flared bottom that’s too short and too young for her. The Susan G. Komen logo is on the ramp.

    Steph – Thank you for that warm welcome.

    “CM Punk!” chants.

    Steph – I always wonder why these people cheer for quitters. I understand, they can relate. They are quitters themselves. They’d rather quit than fail, rather than digging in and fighting for what you believe in. When things get hard at work, they just quit their jobs. Hard with your husband or wife, you give up on your family you give up on yourselves. You take the easy way out. You quit or you steal, just like Ambrose on Smackdown, when he stole the case from Rollins. It’s so unnecessarily because it still belongs to Rollins. He just wanted send a mess age to The Authority. So we’re out her to send a message to Ambrose that this will not be tolerated. (heat)

    Trip – The case is a symbol that represents this business. We will not let anybody, and we mean anybody (“What?”) disrespect this business. (“What?”)

    Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, (HUGE pop) and pardon the interruption, but I am the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar! It’s ironic sir that you mention the word disrespected, because my client feels disrespected. Disrespected by the preposterous notion that John Cena was within a moment of becoming the WWE WHC at the expense of my client, Brock Lesnar, and disrespected by your boy, Seth Rollins, not only got involved in what was to be a successful Title defense by my client, Brock Lesnar, but curb stomped my client from behind. And then, I can’t believe I’m saying this, attempted to cash in the MITB contract. Which is why, with all due respect, my client, Brock Lesnar, has instructed me to come here tonight, to Chicago, of all places (pop) and find out, first hand, if my client has a problem that he needs to deal with involving Seth Rollins, or if my client has a problem that he needs to deal with…

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    WBO super middleweight champion Arthur Abraham (41-4, 28 KOs) put in a workmanlike performance in defeating #5 WBO Paul Smith (35-4, 20 KOs) by a 12 round unanimous decision on Saturday night to retain his WBO title at the Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The final judges’ scores were 117-111, 117-111 and 118-109.

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    #4 WBC Grigory Drozd (39-1, 27 KOs) outworked and clinched his way to a 12 round unanimous decision over World Boxing Council cruiserweight champion Krzysztof “Diablo” Wlodarczyk (49-3-1, 35 KOs) on Saturday night at the Dynamo Palace of Sports in Moscow, Russia.

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    In a predictable outcome, World Boxing Association cruiserweight champion Denis Lebedev (26-2, 20 KOs) destroyed #4 WBA Pawel Kolodziej (33-1, 18 KOs).

    Lebedev, the much stronger puncher of the two, tagged the lanky 6’4″ Kolodziej with a left to the head in the 2nd round that put him down. Kolodziej was far too hurt to get to his feet and continue to fight.

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    Undefeated light heavyweight prospect Artur Beterbiev (6-0, 6 KOs) put the 175lb division on notice tonight in obliterating former IBF 175lb champion Tavoris Cloud (24-3, 19 KOs) via a 2nd round knockout at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada.

    Beterbiev, 29, knocked the 32-year-old Cloud down 4 times in the fight before the fight was halted in the 2nd round after Beterbiev knocked Cloud down with a right uppercut after flurrying on him in the corner. Referee Michael Griffin stopped the fight at 0:38 of the 2nd round with Cloud down.

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