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    Pre-Raw Commercial

    Flo Rida is going to be preforming live on Raw. Triple H with a historic announcement – who will face Cena for the WWE WHC at SummerSlam.

    Raw Starts

    In Ring Segment

    Justin announces Trip to the ring. Trip out in his power suit, all by himself. He heads to the ring.

    Trip – It’s funny, all day long I’m walking around backstage, no one wants to look me in the eye. They scatter like they’re scared that I’m going to blow a gasket. That I’m going to explode because the WWE WHC didn’t come back to The Authority, no, it stayed with Cena. (mixed) Now, I’ll admit I’m mad. I’m very mad today, madder than I’ve been in a long time! But I have options on how I handle this! I have options. You know what I’m going to do about it? (“What?”) I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’m gonna Tweet my displeasure. I’m going to jump on social media and Tweet about it until my fingers bleed. I might even send an Instagram, or a Vine! (mocking big eyed face from Trip) That’s right, and on that Tweet, in however many characters I get, I’m going to threaten! That’s right, I’m going to riot! If that doesn’t work, then, by god, me and my friend Mark (mock tears in his voice), we’re gonna stop watching! That’s right! Or, hell, I have options. I’ll just fire everybody back there. I’ll fire all of you. (the fans) I’ll just throw you out of the building. Throw you out in the weather. That will end all my problems, right? (Heat) Or, I could just relax. I could relax, knowing that sooner or later, I always win. If I have to wait four more weeks to SummerSlam to win, so be it. But like a true genius once said, at SummerSlam, I can guaran-damn-tee that John Cena will no longer be the WWE WHC. (mixed) But, the question is who? Who gets the opportunity…

    Orton’s music hits and out he comes. He’s still on the stage, walking out as he’s talking on mic.

    Orton – H, H, are we really doing this? We’re talking about this? What about me and my re-match. Four months I’ve been waiting, ever since WrestleMania I’ve waited for my one on one re-match. You know it, I know it, these people know that I’m owed. You want to talk guarantees? I’ll guarantee you that if you put me in a one on one match with Cena at SummerSlam, I will beat Cena at SummerSlam.

    Trip – I can appreciate that Randy, and while you make a compelling argument for why you should be in that match, and right now Randy you’re the front runner, but I haven’t made up my mind. I’m going to give everybody an opportunity to convince me tonight. The entire roster has the opportunity to convince me. I want somebody to impress me. I want somebody to go the extra mile and show me. I want somebody to get in here and show me that they want it more than anything in their lives. That they want it more than they breathe, more than they want anything…

    Orton – You want to be impressed? If Kane would have done his duty last night, if Kane would have done his job at Battleground, I would be standing here before you with those titles around my waist. Surely you’re not considering Kane!

    Fire erupts, and out comes Kane! Kane to the ring.

    Kane – I hope that I am being considered to face Cena, because I know I can beat Cena. I know I can be the one to bring the Title back to The Authority. So long as I’m not acting as Orton’s protector. I am tired of babysitting.

    Orton, off mic, waving his head in the air, talking smack at Kane. Trip steps between them, trying to head off a fight. Out comes Reigns through the stands and onto the apron, mic in hand.

    Reigns – If you’re going to have a conversation about the WWE WHC, I think my name belongs in it. Because last time I checked, nobody wants to see Cena versus Kane. (heated agreement) An don’t nobody want to see Orton versus Cena again. (more heated agreement) It sounds like everybody wants to see Cena versus Roman Reigns! (huge pop)

    Reigns steps into the ring, chin held high.

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    The show opens with a video package highlighting the four way match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. We get a look at how Cena won the Championship, and how the Authority didn’t seem to like it, thus setting up this match.

    The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. The Uso’s are out at the top of the ramp, and they do their usual entrance on the way to the ring, getting a nice pop out of the crowd.

    The Wyatt’s are out next, and they get a nice reception on their way down the aisle, looking pretty awesome heading down in the dark.

    WWE Tag Team Championship Two out of Three Falls Match
    The Uso’s vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

    Harper and Rowan make their way into the ring after pausing for a bit outside. Rowan kicks things off and he’s immediately slapped by Jey Uso. Rowan comes right back with a shoulder block, and a big clubbing blow. Harper tags in and stands on Jey’s head for a bit before picking him up, missing a clothesline, and eating a dropkick from Jey that sends him to the outside. Rowan and Harper regroup on the outside.

    Harper attacks Jey, taking him into the corner and hitting him with a big chop. Harper misses another clothesline, but he tosses Jey under the bottom rope and to the outside. Harper brings Jey back into the ring and suplexes him over, stomping him repeatedly before tagging in Rowan. Rowan picks up Jey and slams him to the mat for two.

    Rowan wrenches Jey’s neck, stretching him and wearing him down. Jey fights up to his feet, and out of the hold, but he falls to a back elbow from Rowan that’s good for another two count. Harper tags in and hits a giant knee to Jey’s face that only puts him down for two. Harper executes a gator roll before clamping on a side headlock on Jey. Jey fights to his feet, hitting a big belly to back suplex to break the hold.

    Jey makes the tag and Jimmy leaps into the ring over Harper. Harper hits a giant boot to the face and pins Jimmy for three.

    Winners of the first fall: The Wyatt’s

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    In an expected mismatch, WBA/WBO super bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux (14-0, 9 KOs) destroyed #5 WBO Sod Kokietgym (63-3-1, 28 KOs) in stopping him in the 1st round in what could be Rigondeaux’s last fight with Top Rank on Saturday night at the Cotai Arena, Venetian Resort, Macao, Macao S.A.R., China. It’s disappointing that they matched him up against this 37-year-old fighter because it was such a sorry mismatch that it wasn’t even worth Rigondeaux’s time.

    No wonder HBO chose to pass on televising this fight because it just poor match-making to say the least. Rigondeaux and Kokietgym came together for a head-clash late in the 1st round that sent Kokietgym down on the canvas where he looked to be in pain. After he got back up, Kokietgym continued to grab his head, looking both hurt and not particularly interested in continuing the fight.

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    #6 WBA flyweight contender Zou Shiming (5-0, 1 KOs) won a harder than expected 10 round unanimous victory over 2nd tier fighter Luis De La Rosa (23-4-1, 13 KOs) on Saturday night at the Cotai Arena, Venetian Resort, Macao, Macao S.A.R., China.

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    #2 WBC, #2 WBO, #3 WBA, #4 IBF super middleweight contender Gilberto Ramirez (29-0, 23 KOs) easily destroyed an over-matched Australian Junior Talipeau (20-2-2, 7 KOs) by a 1st round knockout. Ramirez knocked the 30-year-old Talipeau down three times in the round.

    The fight was halted after Ramirez dropped Talipeau with for a third time with a left hand to the head.

    The first knockdown came from a short right uppercut by Ramirez shortly into the fight. He then later knocked Talipeau down with a body shot after hurting him with another right uppercut. A short time later, Ramirez knocked Talipeau with a left hand that finished matters.

    It’s hard to tell how good Ramirez is because his competition has been just so horrible for his entire 7-year pro careers. He’s not fought the guys that he needs to fight in order to learn anything about him. What you can see is that he clearly doesn’t have the skills of an Andre Ward or James DeGale, and he doesn’t have the power of guys like Mikkel Kessler, Carl Froch, Arthur Abraham and George Groves.

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    Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package showing Impact Wrestling stars from Willow to Austin Aries. It shows the transition from Willow to Jeff Hardy and how he won the Battle Royal last week. He will be fighting Lashley this week and tonight’s show will be coming from New York City for the first time ever! And it is all happening in the six sided ring!

    The camera shows the Manhattan Center and the crowd is on their feet! They are excited! Kurt Angle’s music plays and he is in the audience. He said they are in New York City, the wrestling mecca of the world. Kurt then reveals the six sided ring and says it is all about the incredible talent they have! Music plays and Taz comes out in the second level of the audience. Taz has a mic and says it is great to be back in his home, New York City. Taz says he couldn’t be happier for a guy like Kurt to be heading this ship. He understands how vital the word WRESTLING means! Taz says the audience knows how important the word is. They know how important what goes on in that ring. Taz says he was part of the great wrestling period of all-time. The fans chant, “ECW, ECW, ECW.” Taz remembers when they were turning the corner. They remember the look in his eyes and the co-workers eyes. He says the TNA stars have the same look. TNA is doing something different. Taz says there is once sentence that sums up the immediate future of this company. That is, “The mood is about to change.” Taz reveals himself and his little catch phrase. The fans chant it with him. Music plays and here comes Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer!

    They come out through the curtain and Ray has a mic. They walk down the ramp. Ray points to the crowd and they chant. Tommy points to his side of the crowd and they chant. They go back and forth. They get in the ring. Ray says for that reason right there is the reason why New York City is the great wrestling city on the planet. Tonight NYC and Impact will grab the bull by the balls and rip them out. Ray says he promised the fans. He made us a guarantee and that is Dixie Carter going through a table. The fans pop. Ray ask if they are sure if they want tables. The crowd pops even more. Ray says, “Tables you are gonna get.” Tommy grabs the mic and says he was driving down the Westside Highway and he remembered something. He says he and some hardcore freaks were getting their first national spotlight back in the 90s. The crowd chants, “ECW, ECW, ECW.” Tommy says the fans have been beside him since then and he is truly blessed. Tommy says there is a new feeling here and there’s people in the back who will give it their all! Just then, music plays and Ethan Carter III and Rhino come out. Ethan has a mic as they stand on the stage. Ethan says Ray won’t put Dixie through a table and he will only put her through over his dead body. Ray couldn’t put her through a table in Orlando, Pennsylvania, and he won’t at New York City. The crowd boos and Rhino grabs the mic and says you respect him or he will beat up all the fans. Ethan says Rhino wasn’t part of the little ECW reunion as is the E stands for extreme but the C stands for Cash and he pays Rhino very well.

    A fan beside Ethan says, “You can’t wrestle” but Ethan talks back to him several times and then goes in the ring and insults Ray and Tommy. Rhino gets in the ring too. Tommy calls Ethan a little kid and how this isn’t a little PG show. He says it is time to fight. Tommy punches Ethan right in the face. Ray and Rhino battle. They exit the ring and Tommy and Ray follow them to continue the attack.


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    The show starts out with Big Cass and Enzo coming to the ring.

    Tag Team match with Ezno and Big Cass vs The Vaudevillians.

    English and Enzo to start the match. English goes for the lock up but Enzo ducks it. They go for the lockup again and English get’s Enzo’s arm. Enzo reverses and has English’s arm. English reverses back and has Enzo on the matt. English into the ropes and Enzo drop toe holds him. Both men are up and Enzo throwing a few punches. English in the corner Enzo rushes and gets an elbow. English suplexes Enzo and gets reversed Enzo stumbles back and tags in Big Cass. Cass is out and gives English a series of chops. Cass goes for a scoop slam English backs out and stumbles for his tag. Gotch in and gets caught. Cass going for his finisher and Sylvestor Lefort come out to cause the distraction. Gotch with the roll up.

    Winner via pinball The Vaudevillains (Time 2:25)

    Backstage Segment with Ascension.

    Video Package for NXT Divas

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