• A look forward, and a look back.


    I know for a fact I am not the only person excited for the upcoming season. October 7th is a well known date by Blackhawks fans. There are plenty of new faces, names and numbers to get to know for the upcoming season. This includes Andrew Brunette, Daniel Carcillo, Jamal Mayers, Rostislav Olesz, Steve Montador and Sean O"Donnell. These guys will fill the role the team lacked last year.

    Jake Dowell could not stand up for everyone on the team, and everyone is to afraid to fight John Scott. We all know who Dan Carcillo is, and I know a lot of you dislike him. If you skim anything, PLEASE READ THIS. You might think Carcillo is a -insert word-. But infact what the team gets with Carcillo is strong, in your face bottom six forward. Something the team had when they won the Cup against the Flyers. The team had Adam Burish, and Ben Eager, both strong, powerful players. With Carcillo, the team comes closer to filling in that gap Burish and Eager left wide open, sorry Dowell you were more of a Colin Fraser, than a Ben Eager.

    Looking past our dislike for the Flyers and for Carcillo, we have Andrew Brunette. For the past twelve seasons Brunette played 75+ games each season. Seven of those he played every game for his respected team. Thats pretty solid right there. He has racked up 256 goals, 450 assists, and 706 points. He had a fantastic season playing for Coach Q where he had 27 goals, 56 assists, and 83 points back in 2006-2007. Brunette is a big body player, one who will be great playing with Toews, Kane, Hossa, Bolland, and Sharp. Brunette should play Left Wing, since he shoots lefty. That should put him opposite of Kane or Hossa. Remember when the Blackhawks had Byfuglien? Remember when he played with Toews and Kane? Remember how Luongo hated Byfuglien? I think Brunette can be the new Byfuglien. I am excited to see if I am right. The Blackhawks NEED a guy like that. Fills in a gap the team lacked last year.

    Jamal Mayers will again play under Coach Q. Mayers is another in your face type of guy. He is not a points type of guy, which may put him on the 4th line.

    Rostislav Olesz, well I don't know much about Olesz. Actually, all I know about him is that he is from the Czech Republic and that he played for the Florida Panthers last season.

    Now that leaves us with two guys on the Blue-Line, Steve Montador and Sean O"Donnell. Montador had a +/- of +16 while O'Donnell had a +/- of 8+. Both numbers are pretty good. Montador got a longer contract, one of the only new Blackhawks with more than a 1 year deal. I don't know what to think about these two. Was dealing away Campbell a good idea? Can these guys do everyone Campbell could do? Will Campoli re-sign? I need my Blue-line questions answered.. October 7th can you arrive?
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