• Automatic First Down: Is Jay Cutler Done?

    Contrary to popular belief football is a game for smart men. While what you see on the TV screen might be a wild showing of brute strength the reason that teams win is not because they have the strongest guys in the league. Football is game that relies heavily on a game plan. The men that make these game plans are the men that deliver wins and format the game. I always found the way a team wins a game is much more important then how a teams wins. Finding out how many times the Raiders ran 48 Drag is much more important then how many yards Jason Campbell threw for. The underlining fact is that brains win football games. And the brain of any football team is always the coach. From late nights in the film room to scribbling on sheets over sheets of paper the coach is one of the most important cogs on the team. Below is a web of most of the masterminds in football. The red lines indicate active coaches.

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    10 Yards

    1. Power Rankings are always fun so I will start with that. But in the twisted up world that is the Locker Room, Power Rankings are not done 1,2,3,4…31,32. Instead I will rank all the 2-0 teams separately, all the 1-1 teams separately and all the 0-2 teams separately. So lets start with the bad. Here are all the 0-2 teams!
    1. Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton has been perfectly perfect. The rest of the team will follow suit.
    2. Miami Dolphins- Nothing to cry over two losses to the Patriots and Texans.
    3. Saint Louis Rams- Sam Bradford will deliver a win.
    4. Minnesota Vikings- A few close losses should bother aging Donavon McNabb.
    5. Seattle Seahawks- Jackson and Rice are not delivering the offense the 12th man hoped for.
    6. Kansas City Chiefs- Before the season no one thought the Chiefs would be in this slot but injures has plagued them.
    7. Indianapolis Colts- Three words: No Peyton Manning.

    2. Most teams fall under this bulk of teams. These are the 1-1 teams.
    1. San Diego Chargers- Besides a loss at New England the Bolts look like a playoff team.
    2. Baltimore Ravens- A meltdown vs. the Titans should haunt a very good Ravens team.
    3. New Orleans Saints- A loss against the Packers is the only black spot on the playoff bound Saints.
    4. Atlanta Falcons- A convincing win versus the Eagles vaulted the Matt Ryan led Falcons.
    5. Pittsburgh Steelers- Beating the Ravens is never easy.
    6. Philadelphia Eagles- The Dream Team?
    7. Dallas Cowboys- A gutsy win for Tony Romo will not be forgotten.
    8. Chicago Bears- Where is the O-Line hiding?
    9. San Francisco 49’ers- A loss against the Cowboys will hurt the mojo of this team.
    10. Cincinnati Bengals- I thought they would be 0-2.
    11. Tennessee Titans- The Titans need Chris Johnson to be well, Chris Johnson.
    12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- A win against the Vikings did not convince me of this teams legitness.
    13. New York Giants- I can’t get over their loss to the Redskins.
    14. Oakland Raiders- I can’t wait for Terrelle Pyror.
    15. Arizona Cardinals- Kevin Kolb looks like a backup quarterback.
    16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Luke McCown needs to play like he deserves the starting job.
    17. Cleveland Browns- I am losing faith quickly.
    18. Denver Broncos- This team is a mess.

    3. There are only seven undefeated teams in the NFL. Three of them are from the AFC East. So here are the 2-0 teams.
    1. New England Patriots- Tom Brady is the best in the NFL.
    2. Green Bay Packers- What Super Bowl slump?
    3. Houston Texans- My Super Bowl pick is still undefeated.
    4. New York Jets- I am not a Mark Sanchez doubter.
    5. Detroit Lions- Matt Stafford leads a team to be feared.
    6. Buffalo Bills- Kind of still flabbergasted on this one.
    7. Washington Redskins- And this one.

    4. Haha silly Sunday Night Football. They thought they were going to get a marquee matchup when they scheduled Indianapolis versus Pittsburgh. Only now do we know that this will be a blowout of epic proportions. The Colt’s cannot win without Peyton Manning. My prediction: the Steelers win in shutout fashion and Kerry Collins retires. Again.

    5. Will the Panthers finally get a win? This year’s Carolina Panthers team has had more plot twists than Inception. One of those shocking twists has been the rise of Cam Newton. The number one draft pick has been Albert Einstein brilliant in his first two NFL games leading the league in passing yards. But the Panther’s have lost both of those games. Could they win against the Jaguars? I really, really want to say yes. So I will. Newton lit up the highly touted Packers secondary last week so I don’t see why he can’t do it against a bad Jags team. This will be the week the whole Panthers team comes together and delivers Newton a win.

    6. I need DirecTV! I can’t do this anymore. The Texans will be playing the Saints at 1 in a great matchup. But guess who can’t watch it? Anyway I shall be predicting this matchup anyways. This game will be the defining point in the Texan’s season. If the Texans can win in the Superdome then they will prove that they are legit Super Bowl contenders and should be taken seriously. They are my AFC Super Bowl pick and Houston seeks its first-ever 3-0 start. But wins against the Manning-less Colts and the Miami Dolphins are not exactly season defining wins. The Texans play Pittsburgh next as well as Baltimore, Atlanta and Carolina. If the Texans can come out alive in those games then they will be playoff bound. But it starts with a W against the Saints. I believe they will get it.

    7. This is a great rivalry and it will be the first time in modern history that the Redskins don’t get beat like a couple of eggs. The undefeated (?) Redskins travel to Dallas to take on newly crowned hero Tony Romo and the Cowboys. If the poster boy of everything great manages to lose then we will be back to seeing Romo step off his high horse and go back to being tortured like the Romo we know and hate. But that won’t happen. It will be close but the ‘Boys will slip past the red hot Redskins and win this division rivalry.

    8. Poor Jay Cutler. I am convinced he has the worst job in the world. Cutler plays his heart out every single Sunday. His O-Line sucks more then a vacuum. But he still tries to get wins. And then he’s ridiculed. This happens every single week. Worst. Job. Ever. Sadly, for Cutler this week is not going to be much better.
    Dear Jay Cutler,
    Please tell me how being a B.J Raji-Ground sandwich tastes.
    Soven Bery
    I don’t think his offensive line cares about Cutler. Whenever I have played offensive line I get shivers down my back when I see my quarterback being hit. The Bear’s offensive line just doesn’t get this feeling. Unless the teddy Bears pull off a miracle expect the Pack to be 3-0.

    9. Game of the Week? Who saw that coming? The only matchup of 2-0 teams are the Patriots and (surprise, surprise) the Bills. The Bills host the Patriots at Buffalo where they are known to play them tough. Could the new look Bills finally get a win? It looks bleak but wide receiver Stevie Johnson knows the importance of this game. "If we want to change things around here, this is where we've got to start," Johnson said. "We know that they're the team above, but we feel like we can go out there and beat these guys." Both teams have mutual respect for each other, even the Patriots who have beat the Bills sixteen times in a row. Ryan Fitzpatrick hopes that doesn’t become 17.

    10. What are they feeding the Patriots lineman? Last year Dan Connolly returns the ball 71 yards against the Packers in the longest kick return by a lineman in Patriots history (first video). And then last week Vince Wilfork picks off Phillip Rivers and then runs with it (second video). Amazing!

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