• Thompson smashes Price

    David Price (15-1, 13 KO’s) was just knocked out and I’m still in shock. Price has just been knocked out in the 2nd round by veteran American Tony Thompson. I must admit m still in shock at how easy Price was knocked out. Price seamed to be in control but I suppose in the heavyweight division, if a guy who is almost 19st lands, it will hurt but it wasn’t a clean punch. What I’m most worried about Price is his inability to take a punch.

    Price said the punches that hurt you are the ones you don’t see. I hate being hard on big Pricey but he is wrong. If he can’t see Thompson’s punches coming he is not going to go anywhere. He admitted he didn’t see it.

    Lennox Lewis was knocked out but Lewis had the class to know where he went wrong. I suppose Wladimir Klitschko had been knocked out and moved on to become the no1 of he last 10 years, but I just thought, tonight, if you can’t take punch like that, wold level is miles away.

    Price can hit hard against domestic level. But he hit Thompson with some good punches and he never looked in trouble.

    Last year Price said he was 18 months away from a tittle shot, after that he is much further away than he thought. If Thomson can stop him, Wladimir will put him to sleep.

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