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  1. only one way to learn.. take your lumps
  2. sure beat up on the guy who doesnt know anything about
  3. wooo defensive now are we... must be hitting on the truth

    p.s. you gotta get in on the MMA pick'em league for season 3.. that way me and Celtic King can kick yours and mamba's ass like the Celtics kicked the Lakers ass
  4. lol don't judge me!
  5. lol yeah but that 2hrs/night was self induced mr. Onsportstwo22/7
  6. surviving with 4hrs of sleep? That's two hours better than my average was for the first 2 months of school lol

    cold is feeling better, but I have a huge headache.
  7. from some of the posts you've made before I would have sworn you use hoopsworld.. but I guess RealGM must borrow from them as the post a lot of news about teams from local newspapers or just borrow from the same headlines.

    maybe hoopsworld is just faster.

    oh, survived the day with 4 hours of sleep

    how's the cold
  8. I use realgm

    but glad you noticed my activity
  9. LOL finally made your way over to hoopsworld I see.. I posted the CP3 news on the other nba site I visit this morning :P
  10. the dude is fast as hell. very crafty finisher and plays like a vet out there. his shoot looks better than advertised.

    although the game wasnt as close as the boxscore suggests...

    and dont worry about your profile...your last like 15 messages are from me.
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