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    Pre-Raw Commercial

    WWE week on USA! Raw Is Jericho tonight!

    Raw Starts

    In Ring Segment

    Jericho’s music and he’s out in very faded black/gray jeans, a maroon deep V, a black vest, a deep red leather jacket, and a black scarf with white and red skulls. On his way to the ring, with his huge grin, Jericho hugs a boy with Down Syndrome before getting in the ring.

    Video of Jericho’s Slammy win last week, and the dive that won it for him.


    Jericho – Welcome to Raw Is Jericho! I can’t think of a better place than Detroit Rock City! I can feel the energy tonight. It’s perfect because Y2J is the Special Guest GM on Raw. Tonight I’m going to make this show about you, every Jericholic here and at home! As you can see, because of all of you, I won a Slammy for Extreme Moment of the Year for jumping off a cage. I thank you for voting for me!


    Jericho – I could stand here all night listening to that, but I’d get in trouble. I couldn’t make it to Raw last week, but Fandango accepted for me. (heat) That’s what I thought! I was sitting there, and I thought, I’ll be damned if I’ll let some tangoing troll, some waltzing weirdo, some herdy-gerdy horse’s ass accept my award for a Slammy! (pop) So, that’s why I demand, as the GM of Raw, that Fandumbo, Fan-asshole (he got bleeped for that), Fandumbat, Fandingo, Fan-Dodge-Durango, Fan-Wango-Tango, Fan-I-see-a-little-silhouette-o-of-a-man-scotta-moosh-scotta-moosh-can-we-do-the-Fandango! Fandango! I demand that the man come out and give Y2J my Slammy. Get out here Fandunghole!

    Jericho waits, but then it’s Heyman!

    Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name (monster heat). Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and truth be told, confession on the table, I’m a Jerichoholic! Which is why I’m so used, when they say truth to power, I’m the power that people speak with, however, tonight Paul Heyman’s not in power, because tonight, Raw Is Jericho! If I may? I kind of find that ironic, because one would think if you’re going to have a Special Guest GM on Raw, wouldn’t you want the man with the best tack record of running exciting promotions in that job? No disrespect Mr. Jericho, wouldn’t you put Paul Heyman in charge of Raw? Now, I know that you just accepted the offer, and it was a high dollar offer, and you’re in demand, but I do have a beef with you, sir. For you to win the Extreme Moment of the Year, I’m sure you campaigned on Social Media for it, and I’m all about self-promotion myself, but come on Mr. Jericho, if anyone should accept a Slammy for anything about the word extreme.

    Heyman smiles and throws his arms wide. The fans start the obligatory and well deserved “ECW!” chants.

    Heyman – I admit Mr. Jericho, I’m not the (shaking his jowls while putting on a strange voice) Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla. How do you do that without getting dizzy?

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    Welcome to WNW’s live coverage of Main Event!

    The Miz and Damien Mizdow make their way to the ring for MizTV. Michael Cole and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show via commentary. The Miz welcomes us to MizTV. Tonight, his guest and very, very close friend is Naomi.

    Naomi makes her way to the ring.

    Miz: Naomi, welcome to your first appearance on MizTV!

    Naomi: Look Miz, I am always glad to be here on Main Event. But as far as you and I being friends, you must be friends. I’m using tonight as a platform to say that I don’t see anything in your phony ideas. All it is is just talk.

    Miz: You are a beautiful, talented, young lady.

    Naomi: Unless you have something major to tell me, get lost.

    Miz: I know you have a jealous husband. But what if I can get you a Divas Championship match on SmackDown tonight?!

    Naomi: A Divas Championship match tonight?

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    We open with a video package highlighting some of the main feuds, and the gimmick matches, along with their dangerous nature, heading into the show. Of course, a good bit of time is spent on Rollins vs. Cena in the package.

    The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. He calls tonight WWE’s version of a demolition derby before throwing it to Lillian Garcia in the ring, who gives a quick run-down of the rules of the opening match. Just like Renee Young teased in the pre-show, the ladder match looks to kick things off, as Dolph Ziggler’s music hits, and the show-off makes his way to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd.

    Luke Harper is out next, and the champion doesn’t get much of a reaction as he stalks down toward the ring, checking out some of the ladders on his way down the aisle.

    We actually get formal ring introductions for both men before this match, which is a nice touch. As a home-town boy, Ziggler gets a ton of love from the crowd, and Harper draws a good bit of h

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    Former two-division world titleholder Timothy Bradley Jr. looked like he had done all he needed to do to win an exciting fight against Diego Chaves on Saturday night at the Cosmopolitan.

    And then ring announcer Michael Buffer read the scorecards: a split draw that seemed completely impossible to comprehend and left the sellout crowd of 2,400 shocked.

    "I thought I won at least eight rounds," said Bradley, with ringside media overwhelmingly favoring him by wide scorecards. "I'm not going to say it was horrible, but I'm not a judge. I maybe give him four rounds [won], max five. I was landing clean punches and felt like I won the fight."

    But the official judges are who count. Judge Burt Clements scored it 115-113 for Bradley, Julie Lederman surprisingly had it 116-112 for Chaves and Craig Metcalfe had it 114-114. ESPN.com had it for Bradley 119-109.

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    Andy Lee spent most of his career at the side of the late, great Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward. They traveled everywhere together and became almost like father and son.

    Lee even spent several years living in Steward's Detroit home when he moved from Ireland to the United States. In their first title shot together, Lee got knocked out by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in the seventh round in 2012. A few months later, Steward died from cancer.

    Vowing to win a world title in Steward's memory, Lee knocked out Matt Korobov in the sixth round to win a vacant middleweight world title on Saturday night on the Timothy Bradley Jr.-Diego Chaves undercard at the Cosmopolitan.

    Lee, 30, of Ireland, and Korobov, 31, a 2008 Russian Olympian now living in Florida, were both tentative early in what was a jabbing contest between southpaws as they each tried to establish control. It was a close contest all the way and neither man had taken control when the fight suddenly came to an end.

    Out of nowhere, Lee (34-2, 24 KOs) landed a tremendous right hook that badly staggered Korobov. He did not go down, but he was in terrible trouble and Lee jumped all over him. Lee landed numerous punches until referee Kenny Bayless had no choice but to stop it at 1 minute, 10 seconds.

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    Keith Thurman may have won the battle by outboxing an awkward Leonard Bundu on Saturday, but he clearly lost the war when it came to announcing himself as an attractive candidate to face Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Thurman (24-0, 21 KOs), who aggressively called out Mayweather at Friday's weigh-in, put forth a patient, technical performance to outlast a tough Bundu by shutout scores of 120-107 on all three cards in the co-main event of the Amir Khan-Devon Alexander welterweight bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

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    Fighting in a purely defensive manner for pretty much the entire fight, Amir Khan (30-3, 19 KOs) defeated former two division world champion Devon Alexander (26-3, 14 KOs) by a 12 round unanimous at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The final judges’ scores were 119-109, 118-110 and 120-107.

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    WBA World junior middleweight champion Erislandy Lara (20-2-2, 12 KOs) totally dominated 36-year-old former IBF 154 pound champion Ishe Smith (26-7, 12 KOs) on Friday night in beating him by a lopsided 12 round unanimous decision at the Illusions Theater, in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

    The final judges’ scores were 119-109, 119-109 and 117-111.

    Lara, 31, took the first few rounds to get warmed up as he stood stationary in the early going. However, once Lara figured out what Smith had, he changed his game plan up by getting mobile and battering him with pot shots from rounds 5 through 12.

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    The show starts off with an R Evolution vignette

    The NXT Video package plays and Kevin Owens comes out and the crowd goes wild

    Kevin Owens vs CJ Parker

    The bell rings and Owens splashes CJ immediately into the corner. He backs up and splashes again. Owens backs up a third time and cannonballs CJ into the corner. Owens grabs CJ’s sign and breaks it. Owens then launches himself to the outside and takes out Parker. Owens throws CJ into the ring. He pummels CJ in the corner. The ref backs him up and CJ hits a boot with the distraction. CJ mounting offense with punches and kicks. CJ stomps on Owens. CJ hits Owens with a palm strike and pins him for two. Owens busted open. CJ hits a double knee on Owens in the corner. Owens on the offensive hits CJ with a shoulder breaker. Owens hits a combo powerbomb on CJ Parker.

    Winner via pinfall Kevin Owens

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    John Cena is welcomed to the ring. Cena says in two days they have the TLC PPV. Seth Rollins immediately interrupts.

    Rollins asks John to do everyone a favor and shut up. Rollins asks how many times Cena has talked about what he does in the ring. Rollins says 99 times out of 100, the things he says he will happen. Rollins says after he beats him in TLC, there will be a new standard set. Rollins says Cena talks about the future going through him, but he says there is no future without him. Rollins says Cena’s time is up and his time is now. At TLC, all he has to do is send Cena’s ass crashing through a table. Cena says today is the day Seth Rollins has become a man. Cena says after he beats him, Rollins will need to think he is not ready to step face-to-face with the man who runs the place. Cena says Rollins will find out why he is the safest bet on a Sunday. Rollins says he is the embodiment of the future. Every single step he has taken since his debut has led up to this Sunday. Rollins says on Sunday, he won’t just be taking away his title match, it marks the beginning of the end for John Cena. Rollins says everything Cena has worked for will be up in smoke and he will become a memory. Cena says his confidence makes him a fool. Cena says Rollins has a bright future, but he will have to realize that is Cena’s life. Cena says if Rollins thinks he is gonna end him, he will have to get in line. From Renee DuPree to Triple H, and Orlando Jordan to the Rock, he has survived every single one. Cena says the foot that Rollins thinks he has lost will be placed right up his ass.


    An Ascension vignette airs

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    In heavyweight action, Alexander Ustinov (30-1, 21 KOs) emerged from a 13 month layoff to defeat the game Chauncy Welliver (55-10-5, 22 KOs) by an 8 round unanimous decision. Ustinov, looking slim and in shape, knocked Welliver down in the 5th round. Ustinov, 6’8”, did a good job of controlling Welliver with his jab and spearing left hooks and right hands in this one-sided fight.

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    Pre-Raw Commercial

    Seth Green will host Raw and The Slammys tonight.

    Raw Starts


    Survivor Series two weeks ago, Big Show turned on Team Cena. Tonight Cena faces Big Show. Can Cena topple the giant, or will the Cenation be toppled by the KO punch?

    Announce Segment

    Cole says it’s the 77th Annual Slammy Awards, or something like that.

    Slammy Segment

    Lilian announces King. King to the podium in a suit! “Jerry!” chants make him stop and laugh.

    King announces Seth Green.

    Green out in a black suit looking tiny compared to King.

    Green – Oh my goodness! I couldn’t be more excited to be back hosting Raw and the Slammy Awards! Unlike all the other phony award shows, this is your show. You will vote for the winners on the WWE App. Also a lot of incredible matches, one I’m very excited about…

    Miz and Mizdow out in tuxes. Fake kisses to Green.

    Miz – Seth, I thought we were buds, but you didn’t visit me in my dressing room, but I know you’re drooling about putting me in your next project. I’m an A-lister.

    Mizdow is mimicking all Miz is doing, and getting pop from the fans for it.

    Green – I do see an A-lister. But, it’s not you. It’s this guy. (pop) Damien Mizdow! This guy’s awesome!

    Miz – No, no, he’s not awesome, he’s my stunt double.

    Mizdow motions to Green to call him from behind Miz’s back. Green agrees.

    Miz – It’s about time we move on to the award named after me! The This Is Awesome Moment of the Year!

    Billion Dollar Jailbird
    Goodbye Authority
    The All-Time Greatest (SCSA, Hogan and Rock in the ring to start WrestleMania)

    Now it’s time to vote on the WWE App.

    Ziggler vs Rollins

    Ziggler to the ring. Rollins out with J&J Security to face him.

    Rollins all over Ziggler with blows. Arm bar, Ziggler to the ropes, then Rollins elevated to the apron. Ziggler knocks him off and Rollins is all pissy outside.


    Ziggler on the mat with Rollins walking around him, selling being a heel. Ziggler up with blows on Rollins, but then into a high knee off the ropes. Elbows to Ziggler’s face over his shoulder. Rollins pins for two.

    Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. “Let’s go Ziggler!” chants. Jaw breaker on Rollins for a break. Rollins dives at Ziggler and eats corner. Both are down. Splash on Rollins, then he takes Rollins down. Epic elbow on Rollins for two.

    Rollins throws off Ziggler’s DDT, lifts Ziggler, but Ziggler over Rollins’ back and rolls Rollins for two.

    Rollins ducks the superkick, and is finally able to land his DDT! But Ziggler only gets two for it.

    Ziggler reverses on Rollins who ducks Ziggler. Rollins with an enziguri over the ropes. Rollins climbs. Ziggler runs up the corner, they fight up top. Rollins thinks he’s set for a sunset, but Ziggler hgolds on and a body drop to Rollins off the top. Mercury pushes Ziggler off the corner and Noble distracts the ref. Rollins with a curb stomp on Ziggler for three.

    Winner – Rollins (7:29)

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    WWE has confirmed that Jimmy Del Ray, real name David Ferrier, has died. According to their coverage, citing the Tampa Tribune, Del Ray died Saturday as the result of a single-vehicle car accident in Tampa, Florida.

    He was only 52.

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    Tonight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Gary Shaw Productions Jr. Welterweight sensation and Puerto Rican star, Thomas Dulorme (22-1, 14 KOs) won a hard fought split decision victory against tough Philly fighter Hank Lundy (25-4-1, 12 KOs). The bout was televised on HBO BOXING AFTER DARK® as part of a triple header headlined by Lemieux vs. Rosado.

    Dulorme started off strong landing a powerful right hand on Lundy’s temple, putting him down in round one. The momentum carried over into the middle rounds as Lundy had no answers for Dulorme’s powerful right hands. In round six, Lundy came out strong and landed some nice power shots to help him get back in the fight. Both fighters were giving it their all and Dulorme had to dig deep to keep Lundy at his distance. Entering the final rounds Lundy was swinging for the fences.

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    A crowd of 6,532 at Barclays Center were treated to a special performance from two warriors Saturday night as David Lemieux (33-2, 31 KOs)stopped “King” Gabriel Rosado (21-9, 13 KOs)in the 10th round of a very competitive main event on HBO Boxing After Dark.

    The Montreal-native Lemieux retained his NABF Middleweight title while displaying the incredible power that has put the entire middleweight division on notice. Lemieux scored a knockdown in round three when he delivered a flurry that knocked the Philadelphia-born Rosado off-balance and put him on the canvas.

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    Teddy Hart is a wanted man. The Calgary Sun is reporting an arrest warrant has been issued for Hart — whose real name is Edward Annis — on multiple charges involving two women, including sexual assault.

    The charges stem from allegations made by two women — age 24 and age 40 — and include a single count of sexual assault and unlawful confinement and three charges of assault. Hart hasn’t been arrested because he is out of town but police are expected to charge him when he returns. Hart is believed to currently be in the United States of America.

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    Pre-Raw Commercial

    The Authority is out of power. Bryan was the GM last week, and the Anonymous Raw GM is in charge tonight!

    Raw Starts


    Recap from Survivor Series, and The Authority being tossed out of power on the start of Raw last week. Trip says we’ll beg for them to come back, then Bryan came out and got right in their faces! Bryan worked over Rollins, having him tag with J&J Security against Cena and Ziggler. Bryan ended Raw with “YES!” “YES!” “YES!”

    In Ring Segment

    Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding! To serious heat.

    Cole – Can I have your attention, please. I just received an email from the Anonymous Raw GM! And I quote, “I’m back and I’m not happy. With The Authority out, this company needs a leader, someone with industry-wide respect. I can’t leave Raw in the hands of a row of washed up Superstars, so tonight, live…

    Cena’s music cuts Cole off. Into the ring, Cena points at one of his besties and give him crap.

    Cena – What a paramount night we have on Raw, huh? I’ll tell you, this BoD has their act together, again running Raw is the Anonymous Raw GM. What I love about the Anonymous Raw GM? Nothing! You know what the Anonymous Raw GM and Brock have in common. They both show up once a year. Let’s say we live in the now. I’m here tonight, you’re here tonight, but The Authority isn’t. They’re gone and never coming back! At Survivor Series Team Cena won, despite everything. Big Show turned his back on us and joined The Authority. Trip’s underhanded attempt after underhanded attempt tried to stop us, but my teammates held on, because they had to. Everything was on the line. That night they showed what being a Superstar is all about. Why did they work so hard, and give so much? I’ll tell you one reason they did it…

    Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding!

    Cena leaves the ring, gets in Cole’s face. Cole backs off, saying he’s not the Anonymous Raw GM.

    Cena – I’m not going to let the most important Survivor Series, in possibly history, hand Raw over to a faceless, nameless, heartless computer.

    Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding!

    Cena closes the computer to pop.

    Rollins’ music hits, and he comes out with J&J Security in tow. Cena stays at the podium.

    Rollins – Ladies and gentlemen, John Cena, give him a hand. John, I have to give you a hand myself. You’re just ultra talented. You’re just so good at so many things. You’ve got bad jokes for days, my friend.

    Cena – I’ve got a lot of them.

    Rollins – Yeah, and you’re really good at waving your hand in front of your face, like a stupid little kid trying to figure out what your fingers are for.

    Cena – You mean right before I defeat you? Exactly.

    Rollins – Don’t worry, I’ll get to that. You’ve also become quite efficient at getting half the crowd to tell you how much you suck on a nightly basis.

    Cena looks around with a smirk as a “You sold out!” chant runs through.

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    In a totally one-sided fight, #4 WBO Tyson Fury (23-0, 17 KOs) stopped #1 WBO Dereck Chisora (20-5, 13 KOs) in a 10th round stoppage on Saturday night in their WBO heavyweight eliminator bout at the ExCel Arena in London, UK.

    The fight was halted by Chisora’s corner after the 10th round due to the one-sided nature of the fight. Chisora was bleeding under his right eye and from his nose. The fight was horribly one-sided, and even more one-sided than their first fight in 2011. Chisora was just too slow, too weak and too limited to give Fury any kind of fight.

    Read more http://www.boxingnews24.com/2014/11/...early-results/
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    In somewhat controversial decision, European middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders (21-0, 11 KOs) came out on top in beating Chris Eubank Jr (18-1, 13 KOs) by a 12 round split decision. The final judges’ scores were 115-114 and 115-113 for Saunders, and 116-113 for Eubank Jr.

    Eubank Jr appeared to take over the fight from the 6th round, as he was the more active fighter and he landed the cleaner shots. Saunders mostly clinched and leaned on Eubank Jr for the last 7 rounds, and the referee let Saunders get away with the holding without taking points off. With all the holding that Saunders did in the last 7 rounds, I couldn’t give him any of the rounds because he was purely negative and just looking to survive rather than win rounds.

    Eubank Jr said after the fight “I’m ready for a rematch. It was close. I felt like I won most of the 2nd half of the fight. Hopefully, we can do a rematch asap.”

    Read more http://www.boxingnews24.com/2014/11/...early-results/
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    In controversial decision, the judges scored the bout between IBF featherweight champion Evgeny Gradovich (19-0-1, 9 KOs) and Jayson Velez (22-0-1, 16 KOs) a 12 round draw. They scored the fight 117-111 for Gradovich, 115-113 for Velez and 114-114 even. Gradovich appeared to win every round from the 5th round against a tired and beaten Velez. How the judges could score the fight a draw is anyone’s guess. It just looked like a case of poor scoring b

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