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  1. Thread: Changes.

    by Tempo


    Well we have seen this season that Carmelo has dropped his point scoring, and even though many thought Melo would be a 30+ ppg when Billups arrived to Denver, he hasn't been. Partially because of his...
  2. Re: Are the Magic better than the Cavs or Celtics?

    The Magic are probably playing as one of the best teams in the league. But whether they come up big when it counts is another question. I see the Lakers as the better team currently. I'd love to see...
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    Re: Who's the best 6th man this year?

    I think Ariza should be chosen. He is on the best team in the league, leading the best bench in the league. He is producing some pretty good numbers this year for a bench player. And as for JET, I...
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    Re: NBA MVP Race (so far) from Yahoo

    I think it's pretty clear that Lebron is going to win it all. The only thing I might protest against is Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and Dwyane Wade. I mean Dwyane Wade is an outstanding player, and I'm...
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    Poll: Re: Better player Danny Granger or Josh Smith?

    I would take Josh Smith. Not only is he one of my favourite players, he has the complete package if you're asking me. He may not be the scorer that Granger is, but he has everything else in his game....
  6. Re: Denver Nuggets Real Player Ratings as of January 15 2009

    Very impressed with that post Tremaine, some pretty damn good quality there. I just love to see that Carmelo has changed his game quite a bit. Not scoring as much as he is able to, and focusing more...
  7. Re: How the Nuggets Will be Defeated, Most Likely Quickly, in the Playoffs This Year

    I knew that facing the Lakers last year was not going to be a pretty site. They have a lot more talent than we do, it was obvious. But our frontcourt, with Marcus Camby leading the way, was a soft...
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    Re: What's happening??

    Well for those wondering I follow the Denver Nuggets in the NBA :) So that's probably where you'll see me the most, but I'll be sure to talk anything basketball if there's discussion needed.
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    What's happening??

    What's going on everyone, got a reference from JMEWLS, and also saw the link exchange between SportsTwo and
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    Re: Nuggets Fan Roll Call!!!

    Name: Josh
    Favourite Nugget: Carmelo

    Been a fan since Melo was drafted to the team after his National Championship win with Syracuse.
  11. Re: Game Thread: Sacramento Kings @ Denver Nuggets:

    Great to see JR and Kleiza are really producing some numbers in the absence of Carmelo Anthony. The only thing that worries me, is how long they can continue to do so when Melo returns. JR will be...
  12. Re: How the Nuggets Will be Defeated, Most Likely Quickly, in the Playoffs This Year

    The Nuggets aren't going to bow out in the first round once again this season, I guarantee you. The Nuggets now have a great leader, one of the best in the NBA, in Chauncey, and we are winning games...
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