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  1. Re: Stephen Curry has bruised left ankle

    Oh man. It's like here we go again... Let's hope this isn't the kind of injury that gets progressively worse throughout the season...

    go warriors!
  2. Re: Jermaine O'Neal Signs With Warriors On One-Year Deal

    Toney Douglas agrees with Golden State Warriors

    1 year deal
  3. Re: Iguodala Agrees To $48M Deal With Warriors

    I'm wondering what this means for Harrison Barnes in terms of the starting lineup. I guess this is a good thing though, as we need an answer for guarding backcourt positions and having an extra...
  4. Re: Jermaine O'Neal Signs With Warriors On One-Year Deal

    Wow, I like how the warriors are solidifying their depth at center/power forward. Now, they just need to sign a veteran backup point.

    I'm not sure if the back point needs to be a scorer, but I'd...
  5. Re: Brandon Rush Sustains Serious Knee Injury

    Sounds like the warriors going to have another injury riddled season. Man... We have this and Curry hurt his ankle again. Bogut is still recovering...
  6. Re: Ankle again sidelines Stephen Curry

    Man, good thing we have Jarret Jack. That's something at least.
  7. Re: Curry Expected To Sign Extension With Warriors Before Deadline

    I'm pretty excited about this season. Losing Ellis was the lowest point of last year, but we're going to see that we kept the right point guard and we added the missing piece that has eluded us all...
  8. Andrew Bogut says ‘things have to change’ in Golden State, up to and including fights

    continued at...
  9. Poll: Re: Myers Thinks Warriors Can Make Playoffs

    I see the warriors having just as much of a chance if the other guys are battling injuries. For example Blake Griffin gets hurt or one of the Spurs big three gets hurt. The warriors might do it if...
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    Re: Scola Available...

    Here's the thing too: Lacob probably didn't see much of Lin to really get attached. Keith Smart was pretty focused on using other guards besides him. Curry and Ellis were the star guards, Acie Law...
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    Re: Scola Available...

    I thought that Lacob actually wanted to keep Lin, but then ultimately deferred to his gm and his head coach. Jackson didn't appear to be a fan of Lin.

    C'mon this is Riley here, the gm. It's his...
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    Re: Carl Landry joining Warriors

    Great news. I like Landry's style of game. If you watched him in Houston, the guy was solid. He gets put backs, can score inside despite being about the size of Elton Brand. He's not really a...
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    Re: Warriors re-sign Brandon Rush

    Wow, glad he wants to play for us. He did consistently well for us in not just defense, but in 3 point shooting as well. I'm sure he knows there is a great opportunity to be penciled in as a...
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    Re: Scola Available...

    If Biedrins was amnestied we also could have kept Lin as a backup guard. But hey this is why Riley is probably no longer GM, because he makes penny wise, pound foolish moves. The new GM looks like...
  15. Re: Warriors Finished With Offseason Moves

    Good moves. Carl Landry will provide some good depth. He's a nice scorer for when we need those inside points we can't seem to get at times.
  16. Re: Carl Landry and Brandon Rush agree to a identical 2-year deals

    If you're slow and undersized (but make up for it with hustle, good skills and good decision-making) that might be enough to hang in the league. Just ask Brian Cardinal :)
  17. Poll: Re: Myers Thinks Warriors Can Make Playoffs

    Every year 8 nba teams from each of the two conferences make the playoffs and only one of two teams in the Western conference since the mid 90's to present has been consistently failing to reach the...
  18. Re: Warriors At Luxury Tax Line For First Time

    Ownership has been way better than Chris Cohan so far because at least the ownership gives a damn about winning besides just making money.
  19. Re: Warriors sign Kent Bazemore to two-year, partially guaranteed deal

    Turnover rates are kind of hard to judge sometimes because what happens if your teammates are not making crisp cuts to where the ball is supposed to be delivered or what happens if you don't catch a...
  20. Re: Warriors sign Kent Bazemore to two-year, partially guaranteed deal

    Actually, judging by the video his offensive skills look decent. I mean he shoots, he can drive left and right, and he finishes in a variety of ways. Very simple offensive moves, but he gets the...
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