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    Name your top 3 fantasy studs that you never expected to be good.

    1) Caron Butler - I know, I know. The guys was already a stud but with the Arenas injury his stats are comparable to LBJ, I drafted him in the 2nd round in one and in the 3rd round in another.

    2) Daniel Gibson - Someone dropped him in one of my leagues right before he went on his tear, haha.

    3) Marvin Williams - Drafted him in the 7th! round and the guy gives me tons of rebounds, points, assists and steals.

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    Hedo Turkoglu is definitely one. I didn't expect him to be doing what he's been doing.

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    Jamaal Tinsley (selected 10th round)
    Lamarcus Aldridge (selected 6th round)
    Andre Miller (waiver wire pickup)

    "Kobe is always in Kill Mode" - Ron Artest

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    PG - Lou Williams - $4,566,120
    SG - Arron Afflalo - $905,200
    SF - Danilo Gallinari - $3,089,040
    PF - Kevin Love - $3,401,040
    C - Pau Gasol - $16,452,000

    C - Ben Wallace - $1,306,455
    PF - DeAndre Jordan - $726,420
    PG - Jerryd Bayless - $2,143,080
    SG - Rod Beaubois - $1,075,440
    SG - Shannon Brown - $2,000,000
    SF - Dorrell Wright - $3,204,500
    PF - Glen Davis - $2,500,000
    SF - Kyle Korver - $5,163,640
    PG - Mike Bibby - $5,500,000
    PG - Earl Clark - $1,766,28

    Euro Stash
    PG - Sergio Llull
    SF - Josh Childress

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Shapecity &#064; Dec 27 2007, 07&#58;52 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div><div class='quotemain'>Jamaal Tinsley (selected 10th round)
    Lamarcus Aldridge (selected 6th round)
    Andre Miller (waiver wire pickup)</div>

    Tinsley's been a great surprise.
    John Salmons has been great for me.
    Brandon Not only fantasy, but realy life.

    Can't forget Chris Kaman, 20 and 20 waiting to happen
    RIP KC. You will be missed.

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    ---part of quote I erased to remove context ----

    "Wanna join my band where we pretend we are vampires? Let's play guitar."
    It is sad, I'm hoping KC abandons his ambitions for his vampire band and returns to S2 someday.
    Good luck with your vampire band of the living dead, KC.

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    I have 2 fantasy teams, so my list refers to both combined.

    1. Chris Kaman
    I called a double-double average and a big year, but I certainly didn't expect the 19/14 average and the multiple 20/20 performances this early in the year.

    2. Sebastian Telfair
    I predicted a solid year from my man Bassy as well, but the assist numbers have been magnificent. He's averaging 5.8 overall on the season, but 6.9 per game in December. Adding to it, this is the first year he has shot the ball over 40%, so that's a big plus as well.

    3. Jamario Moon
    Who? The undrafted gem who earned a starting job on a playoff team and gives you great defensive numbers for a small forward. That's who.

    I also have Dwight Howard, Brandon Roy, and Jamaal Tinsley. I wouldn't call Roy a surprise. He has been outstanding, but I didn't expect anything more or less statistically. Dwight Howard could very well be called a surprise, even though everybody was prepared for his best year. 23/15 with 3 blocks, though? Nobody in the world called that one. Tinsley is a big surprise as well, no doubt. 14/4/9 with almost 2 steals per game... and he's healthy.
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