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    Default Looking for Commissioner over the NHL

    Sportstwo is looking for a Commissioner to take overthe NHL . A Commissioner is in essence an Assistant Admin.

    Responsibilities include:

    1. Help and train all staff in the sport. (Mods, Global Mods, Producers) To help than encourage them they need to know what each staff member is suppose to do.

    2. Get to know posters and seek out moderator candidates and discuss them with Admins.

    3. Responsible for growth or lack thereof in this sport. Encourage staff members to get posters to their divisions or teams. It would be ideal if the Commissioner would set the example in recruiting.

    4. Post regularly in this forum. You do not have to post in every team forum.

    5. Needs to have vast experience in working with and working over staff members in the past. Needs to be level headed and fair minded.

    6. Work with me and other admins in coming up and instilling ideas for the NHL.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    We want someone that wants to be Commissioner long term and is mature enough to handle all responsibilities. As Commissioner over the NHL you will also be working with the Admins to help more Sportstwo forward as a site.

    We cover all of the NHL teams. Most of them are in need of growing at this time. So as you can see there is a lot of growth that can be done in this section. Keep that in mind when you apply for the position.

    I will train you on what you need to know and how you should handle your position.

    Please contact me either PM if you are already a member, or use the Contact Us located at the bottom of the forum task bar.
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    Default Re: Looking for Commissioner over the NHL

    Kinda funny, the NHL needs a commish

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    Default Re: Looking for Commissioner over the NHL

    Yeah it, but the owners like him I guess? It would be pretty awesome to see someone step up and make this place fun. Until then I'm to busy to do anything myself.
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