I’m still trying to figure out why Bob Arum made the Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Sergiy Fedchenko and Brandon Rios vs. Richard Abril split site card a pay-per-view card that will be going for $44.95 on April 14th on HBO. I love boxing but I don’t like paying that kind of money to see a couple of mismatches.

Does anyone honestly thing that the light hitting Abril can beat a slugger like Rios? That’s not going to happen because Abril doesn’t have the power to give Rios any problem. The 38-year-old Marquez is in the same boat here. He’s in the same boat as Rios, facing a weak puncher in 30-year-old Fedchenko.

The Ukrainian born Fedchenko simply can’t punch hard enough to trouble Marquez and it’s going to be a sickening mismatch with Marquez making easy work of slaughtering Fedchenko in this PPV card.

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