A record 16 teams will form the Canadian Soccer League first division for the upcoming 2012 season, with 13 of last season’s teams returning, to be joined by three new teams from last year’s Division Two.

Capital City of Ottawa failed to renew its league membership for the upcoming campaign, which will get underway the weekend of May 5 and conclude at the end of October. Each team will play 22 games during the regular season.

The traditional post-season playoffs or a season-long cup competition will be decided at a league meeting at Waterloo, Ontario Saturday, April 14.

A pre-season press conference is planned for early May. The teams are:

Brampton City Utd
Brantford Galaxy
Kingston FC
London City
Mississauga Eagles FC
Montreal Impact Academy
Niagara United
North York Astros
SC Toronto
SC Waterloo Region
Serbian White Eagles
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
TFC Academy
Toronto Croatia
Windsor Stars
York Region Shooters

Brampton City Utd B
Brantford Galaxy B
Kingston FC B
Mississauga Eagles FC B
Niagara United B
North York Astros B
SC Toronto B
SC Waterloo Region B
Serbian White Eagles B
St. Catharines Roma Wolves B
TFC Academy II
Toronto Croatia B
Windsor Stars B
York Region Shooters B