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    <div class="quote_poster">Quoting REREM:</div><div class="quote_post">Who has seen Tiago Splitter or Johan Petro play? Have you checked the stats? As dissapointing as Taft's stats are,Splitters are worse and Petro's raise doubt in my mind as to whether he belongs in round one. Even with a few years of basic basketball training,it may be he just does not have it. Shawn Bradley,at 7-6 at least was a fairly good college player,and he's had a lot of time to develop. Splitter,according to those who see him as a legit prospect,is no inside player,is about 230,but not strong. They say he runs well,good transition,not good D. So draft him if that is what you need.</div>
    There is a big difference between Euroleagues and college. You cant just compare and contrast them like that. Players dont get as many minutes or touches as in college. In the regular season, Splitter is putting up the following numbers: 19.36mpg//8.4ppg//4.3rpg//1.1apg//0.7spg//0.6bpg//1.2 TO on 49% from the field. 52% at the line though . What rookie doesnt really struggle with freethrows? I saw him play twice, and he seems very legit. Hes extremely athletic especially considering his size. He seems like an underrated defender though. I think hes a better defender than people give him credit for.

    As for Petro, in the regular season, he is putting up these numbers:
    13.24mpg//5.0ppg//2.9rpg//0.3apg//1.0spg//0.6bpg//0.6 TO on 46.2% from the field. 75% from the line. Those are solid numbers for getting those minutes and the draft is on potential, not what numbers are being put up. Someone who is 7 feet tall and a muscular 260 can be molded into something, right? Thats the whole point.

    <div class="quote_poster">Quoting 02civic:</div><div class="quote_post">I'm not going to continue mrj18, but i suggest you read everything on here till you see how you've contradicted yourself.
    The bet..there was no misunderstanding, i've saved the pm's and sent them to you before, there was no misunderstanding. We'll talk more about it whenever i can actually get a pm throught to you(maybe check with a mod if its not your full bins fault). Either way you are not getting out of this bet.</div>
    I have, everything was 100% accurate.

    Yeah, there is my PM box has space...I just PM'ed someone not too long ago. My box has space, maybe you ought to actually try and send me something.
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    i've been trying....i got one through to you finally
    i look forward to you fullfilling your side of the bet

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