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    Default D1 Scholar

    Can somsone tell me how hard it is to get a d1 scholarship or like how good you have to be?

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    Default D1 Scholarship Offers

    <div class="quote_poster">Quoting ezshooter:</div><div class="quote_post">Can somsone tell me how hard it is to get a d1 scholarship or like how good you have to be?</div>

    It is not easy to get a D1 scholarship to a University nowadays

    There are 320 plus D1 programs in NCAA Division 1 basketball, let's imagine that if every team had 3 slots open every year for new recruits, high school, junior college, or international transfer student/players. If you do the math, that is only 960 open slots for scholarship athletes every year, and the last time I checked, 700,000 plus youth play H.S. basketball, with many more playing J.C. ball and now coming from overseas than ever before, making it that much harder to even get noticed. Now that is just the overall look, if you want to go to one of the "Dream" schools(Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan State, etc.) it is ALOT Harder to get their attention.

    Do get scholarships to schools like these, you have to either really be very good(not just good, but super, out of this world, ready for superstardom good), or really hyped in a big basketball market(New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc.) up to get their attention, since they have multi-million dollar programs that require the best players to win every year.

    In this scenario, which player do you think will draw the attention of given that the players are the same height, weight, etc.)

    36 inch Vertical Leap
    20 foot shooting range

    but their numbers and schools are different with different reputations.

    Player 1

    18 PPG
    5 RPG
    on Oak Hill Academy, the best Highschool program in the country for the last 20 years, playing against the best competition in H.S. basketball with an elite coach like Steve Smith(Not the NBA Smith, the coaches name is the same)


    Player 2

    10 RPG
    8 APG
    in some high school in rural school in Idaho, with no nationally ranked teams, no great tournaments, or any noticable competition.

    Who do you think that the recruiters from the big programs are going to look at more intensely.

    You would have a greater chance of receiving a scholarship to either a D2 or D3 schools, but they do not receive as much exposure or respect from the industry. Only Devean George of the Lakers is the only D3 player to make the NBA that I know of. Ben Wallace went to a D2 school.
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    scottie pippen came from a D3 school.

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    I am pretty sure Ronald "Flip" Murray came out of a D2 school in North Carolina.
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    well jerry rice played football at a D3 school and hes the greatest football receiver of all-time

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